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Olive Oil

According to the International Olive Oil Council USA and other researches being done on varieties, qualities, characteristics, and nature of olives around the Mediterranean regions, it appears that the Syrian olives represent the original stock from which all other Mediterranean olives are descended.

In fact, 6000 years after the spread of Olive cultivation from Syria to the rest of the Mediterranean, Syria continues to rank globally among the five leading countries in production and exportation of Olive Oil. The Syrian soil and climate provides an ideal environment for the growth of this fruitful tree. In addition to all of the abovementioned characteristics, the fact that most exported Syrian olive oil to Europe is redirected to the US and South American market.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Private labelling of Olive Oil can be achieved from the following origins: Turkey, Tunisia, Italy

Oil mills run modern state of the art hight tech equipment. Neutralisation, Winterization, by Westphalia Separator. Bleaching, Deodorization, Filtration by Giannazza/Sharplex.

Quality Control

Without the interversion of human help and ulilizing automated machines, the packaging units produce different options of highly hygienic packaging at 250 cc and 190 kg.

Utilizing SGS inspection the international codex are in place to ensure qualitative terms of health are upheld at all times.

Please submit your requirements pertaining to Olive Oil products and requests with all custom packaging and labelling requirements (glass bottles or tin box etc.).


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